Skills & Values

Participatory Research

The everyday experiences of community members ought to inform the decisions made about the programs and initiatives that impact them. I believe in collecting their stories to tell a more meaningful analytic tale with data.

Project Management

Time sheets to log hours. Schedules to enforce routines. Spreadsheets to track progress. Trello boards to prioritize tasks. GitHub for version control of drafts. I have been a self-starter, managing my time across multiple projects with little direction. The right tools and consistency help me stay organized.


Whether it is an executive summary or a blog post, transparency, brevity, and attention to detail are essential in translating research findings into actionable results.

Making a Difference through Research



I have led the design and project management of evaluation studies for 28 programs and initiatives across 4 multidisciplinary teams, comprising sociologists, social workers, UI/UX developers, and student affairs staff.


With over 8 years of experience in social science research, I am ready to support your team’s participatory, mixed-methods program evaluation on Day 1.


In a supportive environment with a team that values my contributions and helps me grow, I will give 110 percent.

About Me

I am a sociologist seeking opportunities to use my research background to make a positive impact on others.



North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

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